Every Good Gift: Living Generously in a Self-Centered World – Women’s Bible Study

Start Date: October 16
Length: 6 Weeks

Time: 6:30 – 7:30pm

Facilitator: Lori McAfee

Everything we have is a gift. Will we hold tightly to these gifts with a scarcity mentality or will we handle them with open hands? Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about hospitality, generosity, and stewardship?

Every Good Gift: Living Generously in a Self-Centered World is a six-session series with author and speaker Ann Voskamp exploring examples of how we offer our hospitality, time, money, spiritual gifts, and empathy for the glory of God.

Over six weeks, we’ll cover:

  • Week One: Being Generous With Your Hospitality
  • Week Two: Being Generous With Your Gifts
  • Week Three: Being Generous With Your Money
  • Week Four: Being Generous With Your Time
  • Week Five: Being Generous With Your Empathy
  • Week Six: Now, Give It Away

Click here for a short video introduction.


Seat Cap: N/A

Cost: None, Optional book

Location: Dalton Campus

Room: Homebuilders Classroom