Deeper Dive

Questions for Study and Response
from Sunday’s Sermon



Family and Friends Discussion

It’s hard to be new. Share about a time when you were new and what that was like for you.
What did it take for you to finally feel that you “fit in?”
Look again at John 15:12-17, especially verse 13. How does self-sacrifice help us move from a mentality of “getting” to “giving” in our relationships with others. How does Jesus help us with this difficult relational leap?

Personal Study

Read John 15:12-17. Take time this week to:
  • List the commands that are to be obeyed.
  • List the promises that are to be believed.
  • List the ways you will apply the principles of this passage.

Get Ready for Next Week

Love One Another Part 2 – Next week we will continue in John 15:17-17 and talk about how we love one another by helping one another mature and by praying for one another. Read through John 15 and notice how Jesus uses the metaphor of bearing fruit.
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