Deeper Dive

Questions for Study and Response
from Sunday’s Sermon

Family and Friends Discussion (Sunday 2/21)

Today we talked about mercy and said that mercy is redemptive anger or displeasure applied to a wrong. 
  • What are our common misunderstandings of mercy?
  • Why are we reluctant to show mercy?
  • How might mercy have changed some situations in which you were angry?

Personal Study

Read Psalm 103.
  • What does this passage teach us about God?
  • How does this passage challenge you to respond to God’s mercy?
  • How does this passage give you a better understanding of mercy?

 Next Week

Next week we will look at the anger of God. Do a basic Bible search for “anger of God” or “wrath of God.” What do these passages teach you about the wrath of God? How do they call for you to respond?
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