A Note From Johnny Hunt:

If 2020 has made anything more clear in my life it is this simple fact; men spend too much time in isolation. “I got this,” “I’m good”, and “I don’t need any help” are all too common responses when friends and loved ones approach us with care and concern. Yes, we can handle a lot all by ourselves but that is never how God intended us to live. We may believe we can survive alone but no man thrives alone. We were designed to live in community, to run with The Pack.

The “lone wolf” label is often worn as a badge of honor but there’s no heroism or adventure for this solitary soldier. He wanders, hungers and eventually dies both foodless and friendless. Without the strength of his community, the lone wolf faces colder cold, darker nights, and more threatening enemies. He may feel strong when he leaves the pack, but his strength won’t last without it.

The good news is that contrary to our modern society, The wolf pack embraces the weak, protects the vulnerable, and gives up the self for the sake of the others. If you feel lost in the woods, this Pack, our brotherhood in Christ, will always welcome you back.

This year I’m looking forward to exploring God’s Word to discover how we can all become alphas in our families and leaders for The Pack. While the alpha may be viewed as the biggest and strongest, the most important characteristic of the alpha is his ability to lead and look out for the well-being of those within his influence.

Men, it’s time we escape the lone wolf {men}tality and come together to build each other up, create stronger families, and advance the kingdom of God. I hope you can join us!

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