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We are called to worship God (Psalm 95:6).  God is holy and worthy of our praise, thanks, and devotion (Psalm 66:1-4).  Worship begins with obedience, but includes activities such as prayer, preaching, and musical praise.  Liberty offers a celebrative atmosphere of worship that will help you connect to your Creator through His Son, Jesus Christ.



Life Groups are small gatherings of people who study the Bible together for the purpose of making friends and making changes.  The Christian life was not meant to be lived alone (Ephesians 2:19-22).  Liberty offers Life Groups for every age.  Pre-school groups are divided by age.  Children and Student groups are divided by grade.  Young Adult and Adult Life Groups are generally divided by life stage.  



Liberty’s Children’s Ministry is called The DOCK (Disciple Of Christ Kids).  We offer a variety of activities designed to help children have fun and learn about Christ.  We believe that childhood is a critical time of life in which children need to be loved, supported, and raised to know the God who created them.

Liberty MidWeek

On Wednesday nights (6:30pm) we have a class custom made for you.  Do you want to make friends and deepen your faith? Every semester of Liberty MidWeek gives you plenty of opportunity to do just that.  For the guys join us for The Man Church. Our ladies ministry offers a variety of Bible studies you can join week to week. Do you have a student? How about Connect Student Worship for teens 6th – 12th grade or The DOCK for children 1st – 5th grade? Wednesday mid-week also has a place for your pre-schooler to have fun for for your infant to be cared for in a safe, secure environment.


Navigating the teen years is difficult for both parents and students.  Liberty’s Connect Student Ministry is designed to give the entire family the support and life skills they need to build faith through what can be a difficult season of life.  At Liberty, students find a safe place to have fun, experience God, and learn to lead.  


We all have hurts, habits, and hangups.  Whether it is through a traumatic loss, chemical addiction, or co-dependency; there are some chains in life that are too hard to break.  A lot of recovery programs refer to a “higher power.”  We know who our higher power is, Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  Celebrate Recovery offers inspiring worship (Thursdays 7pm), small groups (8pm), and a 12-step recovery program (Wednesdays 6:30pm) for those who are ready to break the chains.  What you see here, say here, and hear here; stays here!