The Liberty prayer list communicates prayer needs, hospitalizations, and ministry needs to the Liberty family. The updates are received by email. To receive the prayer list you must subscribe to the list using the form below. Changes to your email address or the desire to unsubscribe must be managed by the subscriber. There is no specific schedule for publication of the prayer list. It is generally published two to three times per week. If you wish to submit a request, please use the Prayer Requests page.

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If you are not receiving the list it may be for one of the following reasons:
1) You provided the wrong email address or you have changed your email address. If so, please re-subscribe to the list.
2) Your email client is blocking the email and moving it to some sort of spam folder. To correct this, you must mark that emails from this list are not junk or change your email spam filter settings.
3) You did not complete the subscription process by confirming your email upon signup. When you subscribe to the list a confirmation email will be sent to you. You must follow the simple steps to complete the process and begin receiving the list.