Liberty Membership Videos
A part of the process for becoming a member of Liberty Baptist Church is completion of the six (6) Liberty Membership Videos.  These videos share a basic overview of the mission and doctrinal beliefs of Liberty Baptist Church.  For those desiring to apply for membership with Liberty the videos must be watched in full and the questions associated with each video must be completed.  If you would like to discuss the videos with someone, please contact our church office at 706-226-4936.
Questions should be completed at the end of watching each video session.  This allows you to complete the six videos on your own time.  Due to the fact that several people may also be in the process of completing the videos at the same time as you, we do ask that you share your FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, and EMAIL address in the question form with each submission so we can make sure you are credited with completing each set of questions.
Once the videos are completed and the questions are answered sufficiently, you will be invited to our next monthly membership luncheon.  Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the faith family at Liberty!