Liberty Baptist Church Chatsworth GA foyer

What can I expect at Liberty (planning my visit)?

Being new can be awkward – we get it! But we want you to connect quickly at Liberty. Would you like a call from our pastor or one of our staff members? We can even arrange for someone to meet you at the door and get you to where you want to go. Let us know how we can connect with you and help you feel welcome at Liberty. Follow this link to give us a little more information about you, your needs, what you’re seeking and how we can help. We will get in touch with you.
Liberty foyer
DOCK check-in at Liberty
Worship at Liberty

How should I dress?

Where do my children go?

How long do the services last?

We dress fairly casual at Liberty. Be comfortable but not distracting. We don’t want to be immodest or dress as if some are more important than others.
Enter through the main doors and check your child/children in at either the DOCK security station (1st – 5th grade) or the Garden pre-school security station. Just before the preaching part of the service our pastor will cue the children to be dismissed and meet the DOCK team. Parents will pick up their children at either the DOCK or The Garden after the service. Only children with a security sticker are allowed to leave their parents and go to the DOCK service.
Our worship services last about 1 hour and 15 minutes. 
 Service is at 10:30 am. Life Groups meet at 9:30 am.

What are the services like?

Why are 1st Sunday services different?

Where do I go on Wednesday nights?

We begin our services with an altar call to prayer. Generally there will be 2-3 congregational songs. We use a worship band (guitar, bass, keys, drums, etc). We sing mostly current worship songs but we haven’t forgotten the hymns. Our pastor typically preaches about 35 minutes and uses an ESV Bible. We have an altar call and prayer at the end of the service which provides people an opportunity to respond the message, receive prayer, and counsel.
The first Sunday of each month we encourage prayer and fasting. First Sundays are also communion Sundays. Our children stay in the service with us the entire time. Our pastor will include them in the message. We also want to teach our children to worship by giving them time in the service with their parents. We want them to see communion and ask questions. This gives parents an opportunity to be priestly for their children – to pray over them, minister to them, and share the gospel with them.
On Wednesday nights we have classes and gatherings in various locations around the campus. Start out in the main foyer. There will be a campus guide there that will help get you to the right spot. Generally you can expect to find (elevator available, handicap accessible):
  • Men – Fellowship Hall (1st floor)
  • Women – Classrooms (1st floor)
  • Kids – DOCK (1st floor)
  • Pre-school (2nd floor, main floor)
  • Students 6th – 12th grade (3rd floor, Connect space)

What are Thursday night Celebrate Recovery services like?

I have teenagers. What do you have for them?

What is Liberty’s denominational affiliation and doctrinal beliefs?

Thursday nights are for all of us with hurts, habits, and hangups. The worship service is energetic and up beat. Each week alternates between a message to help guide you through your recovery and a testimony of someone who has been where you are. CR services last 1 hour. Small groups follow the service.
Liberty is a great place for students. On Wednesday nights we offer a student worship service with messages geared to teens. Wednesdays also offer an opportunity for students to worship, lead worship, attend a small group, and get connected. Services begin at 6:30 but come early/hang out late; we have lots of space, games, and food! Throughout the year students have various services opportunities, retreats, and special event weekends. 
Liberty is an autonomous church that is pastor/staff led with a congregational form of governance. We are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, Georgia Baptist Convention, and the Conasauga Baptist Association. Our doctrinal statement is the 2000 version of the Baptist Faith and Message.